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The TITAN VERSA LD (Horizontal Dry) configuration is an incredibly powerful and versatile helium leak detector based on an innovative and proven core technology. It is designed for high performance and is built for speed. It is most commonly mounted on a maintenance cart, bench top, or custom cart. Typical applications include industrial and clean room production environments, high-performance maintenance, large volume leak detection, and stand-alone production.

Founded on a core leak detector module, our configurable design—together with its high sensitivity and pumping capacity—gives you the flexibility and performance your application requires. Whether you need a service and maintenance tool or a production leak testing instrument, the TITAN VERSA is the versatile solution to your leak detection needs. 

The TITAN VERSA Warranty, Service, and Support package is the best in the industry. 

  • Warranty
    • Leak detector - 1 year
    • Ion source - 2 years
    • Calibrated leak standard - lifetime
  • Service
    • Global network of Authorized Factory Service facilities
    • Full range of service options including self-service maintenance kits and comprehensive service contracts
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) Service Agreements - simple, flexible and tailored to your needs
    • 15% discount on PM Service contracts at time of purchase
    • 72-hour uptime  guarantee
    • 24/7 product support
    • Free calibrated leak standard exchange
    • Discounted labor rates for other services when in a service agreement


  • Standard purchase
  • 2-year lease-to-own
  • Annual rental*
  • Short-term rental*

* Save 50% on rentals when combined with PM or repair services


Unmatched technical support from engineers and technicians with over 50 years of combined experience brings you industry leading support, including:

Project Design Assistance: Use our Contact form or contact us directly at 800-465-1004

  • Configuration: Horizontal Dry (LD)
  • Pump: Dry scroll
  • Pump Speed: 6.5 m3/h (3.8 CFM)
  • Evacuation Valve: Standard flow
  • Vent Valve: Standard flow
  • Supply Voltage: 100-120 V~
  • Plug Type: N. America


Primary Pump
Dry scroll (mounted in rear)
Pumping Speed Capacity
6.5 m3/h | 3.8 CFM
Dimensions (W x H x D)
559 x 404 x 495 mm | 22.0 x 15.9 x 19.5 in
47 kg | 104 lbs
Operating Temp - Vacuum Method
0 - 45 °C | 32 - 113 °F
Operating Temp - Sniffing Method
0-45 °C | 32 - 113 °F
Electrical Supply (50/60 Hz)
100 - 130 V~ | 208 - 240 V~
Electrical Power (Max)
600 W
Detectable Gases
Helium 4 | Helium 3 | Hydrogen
Min. Detectable Leak Rate -
Vacuum Method (Helium)
5 x 10-12 mbar L/sec | atm cc/sec
Min. Detectable Leak Rate -
Vacuum Method (Sniffing)
5 x 10-9 mbar L/sec | atm cc/sec
Max. Inlet Pressure - Vacuum Test Modes
GROSS - 25 mbar | FINE - 5 mbar | ULTRA - 0.5 mbar
(GROSS - 19 Torr | FINE - 4 Torr | ULTRA - 0.4 Torr)
Test Methods
Vacuum (includes AutoTest) | Sniffing
Helium Pumping Speed
2.5 L/sec (ULTRA mode)
Protection Category
IP 20
Inlet Flange
Start-up Time
≤ 3 minutes
Accessory Interfaces
USB port | Barcode | Accessory 1&2 | Wireless remote control | Wired remote screen
Communication Options
Serial ports: RS-232 | RS-485 | Ethernet
I/O Options
Remote I/O | Local I/O

No accessories available.

Product Brochures

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Manuals / User Guides

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TITAN VERSA Helium Leak Detector


Helium Leak Detector Rental Form

Reference Materials

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