When combined with our production leak test systems, leak test instruments, and leak detector rentals, our Leak Testing Services & Repairs provide everything a customer might need to meet his production leak testing requirements. 

Leak Test Services

  • No-cost evaluation of customer-supplied test parts
  • Feasibility studies on pre-production parts
  • Helium permeation studies
  • Leak testing to validate new product designs and manufacturing process
  • Leak testing to ASTM and ASME specifications
  • Leak rate correlation studies to determine required leak rate limits
  • Low-volume quantity leak testing of pre-production or first article production parts
  • Leak testing of customer production parts when the cost of purchasing leak testing equipment cannot be justified
  • Consulting services to evaluate various test methods and test conditions

Contact us for a proposal, or for a no-cost evaluation of your test part. The no-cost evaluation typically includes in-house testing of your product on our equipment to determine feasibility, cycle time and leak rate sensitivity.

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