The TITAN VERSA L or LD (Horizontal) configurations are incredibly powerful and versatile helium leak detectors based on an innovative and proven core technology. Designed for high performance and built for speed—perfect for production environments. Available with high-capacity internal wet or dry pump packages.

Founded on a core leak detector module, our configurable design—together with its high sensitivity and pumping capacity—gives you the flexibility and performance your application requires. Whether you need a service and maintenance tool or a production leak testing instrument, the TITAN VERSA is the versatile solution to your leak detection needs. 


  • High performance, built for speed
    • Mount on a service cart or bench top
  • Pump mounted internally in rear
    • Wet (L): 15 m3/h | 8.8 CFM single-stage rotary vane pump
    • Dry (LD): 6.5 m3/h | 3.8 CFM dry scroll pump
  • Typical applications
    • Industrial and clean room production environments
    • High-performance maintenance
    • Stand-alone production
    • Large volume leak detection


High Performance and Versatility

Reliability and Easy to Use