The Helium Hard Vacuum Leak Test Method is one of the most sensitive methods and is widely used across many industries. In production environments it is typically used to test for leaks in the range of 10-4 to 10-8 atmcc/sec—although it is capable of detecting leaks outside this range. This method can be used to measure out-leakage of a part pressurized with helium where the test part is placed in a vacuum test chamber. The test part is pre-filled with helium tracer gas and sealed, for example with an air bag inflator component, or it can be filled with helium, like an air conditioning condenser or evaporator coil, while inside the vacuum test chamber.

Additionally, the test part may be evacuated from the inside and helium applied to the outside of the part by spraying or containing it in a chamber. This in-leakage technique can be used to locate leaks by selectively spraying helium in a suspicious location to pinpoint the leak.

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