A manufacturer of missile and airplane components required a turnkey leak test system with fully automated control of leak testing and calibration process. Customer required strictly-defined setup parameters and timers, with tight leak rate specifications, all within a programmable controller capable of 100% data logging.

We engineered a fully automated helium accumulation leak test system with s custom helium accumulation chamber with mixing fans and a PC-based, programmable controller with robust data logging features.

  • Custom engineered accumulation chamber with mixing fans
  • Helium mass spectrometer leak detector with sniffer probe integrated to chamber
  • PC-controlled system with datalogging
  • Integrated helium calibrated leak standard for calibration and verification
Leak testing satellite propulsion modules
Production Volume:
Medium to high
Tracer gas:
Controller System:
PC-based software
Leak Test Method:
Helium accumulation with chamber, pre-filled part
Leak Rate:
1 part every 24 hours
Chamber with portable test cart
6' x 6' x 6' ID carbon steel cube chamber with loading ramp and hinged door with u-gasket seal, door clamps, and sensors
Leak Detector:
ASM 142S

No accessories available.

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