A manufacturer of turnkey parts assemblies required a custom, automatic PLC-controlled dual chamber helium bombing system for leak testing of customer components.

  • Two 304 stainless steel bombing chambers with electropolished finish with fully removable, clamped lid suitable for both vacuum and pressure
  • ASME approved for 110 psi
  • ATLAS Tracer Gas Charge System and Leak Test Process Controller for automated control of bombing process for both helium bombing chambers with multiple user-defined recipe parameters

Chamber Material:
304 stainless steel
Lid Material:
304 stainless steel
10" OD x 10" H (overall height 17 1/4")
Lid Configuration:
Fully removable with handle and full size opening. Swing clamped lid suitable for both full vacuum or pressure
Vacuum Connection:
1/4" vacuum port with manual valve adapted to NW 25 vacuum flange (NW 16 available upon request)
Helium Connection:
1/4" port with manual valve and push connect fitting for 1/4" plastic tubing from regulated helium supply
Vent Port:
1/4" NPT vent and safety pressure relief valve set to 75 psig
Electropolish interior and exterior
Operating Pressure:
Chamber is leak and pressure tested for full vacuum and operating pressures to 100 psi
Manual analog 2.5" face pressure gauge from 0-30 inHG and 0-100 psi
Pumping System:
W2V40 LACO Two stage Oil Sealed Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pump 14 cfm
ATLAS Tracer Gas Charge System and Leak Test Process Controller 

No accessories available.

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Application Notes

Application Note 01-06: Helium Leak Testing of Small Sealed Parts (Bombing)