LACO continues to support our legacy TITANTESTTM Helium and Hydrogen Leak Detector product line. Previously available in two versions, P-series for production environments and M-series for maintenance applications. TITANTEST is a robust, cost-effective leak testing solution for maintenance and production applications alike. 


  • Three vacuum test modes: Gross, Fine and Ultra
  • Helium and hydrogen background suppression
  • Auto-calibration with built-in helium calibrated leak standard
  • Audio alarm with variable pitch
  • Powerful software for semi-automatic and fully automatic test (AutoTest) modes
  • Proprietary AutoTest software
    • Test cycle timers
    • Pass/Fail outputs
    • Programmable reject limits
    • Helium background verification
    • Built-in helium contamination protection
  • Powerful remote interface protocol for interfacing to TCM50 Communication Module and ATLAS Leak Test Process controllers

Below is a list of supported accessories and services for your TITANTEST.