LACO Technologies is a premier service and repair facility for the complete family of Alcatel and Adixen helium leak detectors, including: ASM 180T, ASM 142 and ASM 142S, ASM 121, ASI20, ASM 182T, ASM 182TD+, and other models. LACO has over 25 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing the Alcatel helium mass spectrometer leak detectors and has developed many after market repair solutions for obsolete, hard to get or expensive factory replacement parts.

Alcatel Helium Leak Detector Services

  • Leak detector repairs and overhauls
  • Turbo pump bearing changes or re-greasing
  • Circuit board repair to the component level
  • Rotary vane pump repair and overhaul
  • Mass spec and preamp repair and rebuilds
  • Low cost oil mist eliminator replacements
  • Preventative maintenance on common board failures

Alcatel Helium Leak Detector Parts and Accessories

  • Full line of consumables for your leak detector: oil, oil mist eliminators, filaments, collectors, plungers, mass spec seals, o-rings, filters, turbo grease syringes
  • New digital display pendants for ASM 180T series
  • Accessories include inlet filters, inlet chambers, carts, remotes, oil change kits, vacuum hoses, spray probes and sniffer probes


  • Extensive diagnostics capabilities
  • Leak standard calibration service
  • Component level electronics repairs
  • Upgrades and retrofits
  • Preventative maintenance and rebuild programs
  • Rush turnaround service available
  • New and rebuilt parts for most major brands
  • Rental leak detectors available
  • Three-month warranty on parts and labor