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For over 30 years, LACO Technologies has been a pioneer in leak test solutions, serving 850+ customers across 40 countries. Our expertise spans various industries including automotive, energy, consumer products, electronics, medical, and refrigeration. In the automotive industry, LACO’s experience includes leak testing of components in fuel, cooling, air conditioning, suspension, braking, engine, and safety systems. In the EV market LACO has leak testing experience with leading EV manufacturers.

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  EV Component


Leak Testing

LACO’s solutions are ideal for full in-line production leak testing, off-line leak testing, and laboratory testing and validation. Our EV leak testing application experience include:

  • Prismatic and cylindrical battery cells
  • Battery cell components
  • Battery enclosures
Electric vehicle charging
Electric vehicle batteries
Leaking gas

  Tracer Gas


Leak Testing

As the leader in production tracer gas leak testing, LACO can tailor the best test method to meet your needs. Our tracer gas leak testing solutions can provide faster test cycle times and detect smaller leaks compared to air leak testing. LACO’s tracer gas leak testing experience and methods include:

  • Helium hard vacuum
  • Helium and hydrogen accumulation
  • Helium and hydrogen sniffing
  • RGA-based detection of electrolytes and other gases
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  Calibrated Leak



LACO’s calibrated leak technology, coupled with our in-house testing lab, offer valuable resources to help:

  • Determine leak rate limits for production testing
  • Validate component designs for leak tightness
  • Calibrate leak test systems and instruments
  • Validate the capability of a leak test process
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