Manufacturer of recreational vehicles required a helium charge system to leak test their fuel tanks with fast cycle times.

We engineered a fully integrated custom, cart-mounted helium charge system. With integrated components such as the TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector, ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller, and a Series HH 18" DIA x 20" L horizontal high vacuum chamber, this system enabled our customer to automate and customize helium charging with part evacuation, air fill, and helium fill options under a comprehensive flow and pressure ranges. With customer tanks shipped to our facility, we were able to test the system and adapt the software and cycle times for better efficiency.

  • TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector with feature-packed software, comprehensive options, and “plug & play” accessories
  • Upgraded, dedicated vacuum pump system part and tank vacuum evacuation decreased cycle time. 
  • Slide-out shelf and rail with flat working surface for gas fuel tank testing
  • ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller fully automates the HCS and includes comprehensive flow and pressure ranges and customized test recipes
Helium charging fuel tanks
Automotive & Transportation
ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller
Leak Test Method:
Helium charge
Portable cart
Glass bead blast interior and exterior
Pumping System:
LACO W2V80 two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump
Leak Detector:
TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector
Options & Accessories:
Upgraded vacuum pump, pressure decay option for the detection of gross leaks added to Atlas Controller

No accessories available.

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ATLAS Leak Test Process Controller & Helium Charger
High Vacuum Chambers
TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector
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