Leak Testing by Method


LACO’s family of leak testing instruments and systems cover a wide range of leak testing methods. Select a leak test method below to learn more and to find Product Solutions by Leak Test Method.

HELIUM LEAK TESTING methods are the most sensitive and can be implemented in a variety of configurations, including Helium Hard VacuumHelium Accumulation, Helium Sniffing, and Helium Hybrid Accumulation Test System (HATS™). Our TITAN VERSA helium leak detectors are ideally suited for these methods.

AIR LEAK TESTING methods are common in many industries, but have limited sensitivity compared Helium Leak Testing methods. Air Leak Testing methods include Pressure/Vacuum Decay, Mass FlowHigh Sensitivity Vacuum Decay, and Bubble Immersion. LACO’s line of AURA™ air leak testers are an ideal solution for all air leak testing methods.

NON-HELIUM TRACER GAS LEAK TESTING methods include both sniffing and chamber leak testing configurations using tracer gases other than helium. Common tracer gases are Hydrogen, Argon, Refrigerants, SF6, or any other gas contained or used in the part to be tested. The sensitivity of these methods depends on the tracer gas and other factors associated with the test part and available test cycle time.

LACO continues to develop other leak test methods to meet our customer needs. Some of these miscellaneous leak test methods include force decay for sealed flexible packages, and ultrasonics to detect defects in open-style test parts.

(atmcc/sec / sccm)
Helium Hard Vacuum1 x 10-9 / 6 x 10-8Yes (only for outside-in spray method)Yes
Helium Accumulation1 x 10-5 / 6 x 10-4NoYes
Helium Sniffing1 x 10-6 / 6 x 10-5YesNo
Helium Hybrid Accumulation Test System (HATS)1 x 10-6 / 6 x 10-5NoYes
Pressure/Vacuum Decay1 x 10-3 / 0.06NoYes
Mass Flow1 x 10-2 / 0.6NoYes
High Sensitivity Vacuum Decay1 x 10-4 / 0.006NoYes
Bubble Immersion1 x 10-3 / 0.06YesNo

*Actual performance in a production environment will vary depending on several factors, including part characteristics, available test time, and test environment.