Helium HATS


The Helium HATSTM (Hybrid Accumulation Test System) Leak Test Method is LACO’s patented method developed for targeted applications. This method is similar to the helium accumulation method except the accumulation and measurement of the helium signal is performed under vacuum in a vacuum test chamber rather than a test chamber at atmospheric pressure. Additionally, this method uses a proprietary membrane system that conducts the helium from the test chamber to the helium mass spectrometer leak detector rather than using a traditional sniffer probe.

Helium HATS has the unique advantage of achieving very good leak measurement sensitivity without the need to test to “hard” or deep vacuum levels required of the hard vacuum method. The helium leak detector is also protected from contamination resulting in very long service life of the instrument. These features make Helium HATS ideal for applications where the test part or test environment is dirty and leak rates are in the range of 10-5 atmcc/sec and larger. Helium HATS leak test method applications include, pyrotechnic air bag inflators and components, automobile carbon canisters, air conditioning components, as well as other applications.

Check out the products and customer project examples listed below that utilize the helium accumulation test method.

Here is an animation of how the Helium HATS process works. 

Helium HATS process system