Custom Solution | Helium Hard Vacuum Leak Test System for Airbag Inflators



A global supplier of auto components required a fully-automated, production leak test system to test a high volume of airbag inflators. Customer requirements included ability to test for gross leaks without helium depletion with fully automated loading and unloading from conveyor. Test parts include multiple models and sizes of driver-side pyrotechnic airbag inflators, with the potential for parts arriving hot at the leak testing station. 

We engineered a turnkey, dual-chamber hard vacuum leak testing station that incorporates the helium hard vacuum method integrated optional vacuum decay method. The system features two independent leak test chambers and associated instruments and tooling.  The two test systems can each be configured to perform helium leak testing at a reject level of 2 x 10-5 atmcc/sec or vacuum decay leak testing at a reject level of 3 x 10-4 atmcc/sec. 

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