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Oct. 2020

LACO Technologies has been made aware of an issue with the TITAN VERSA helium leak detector. The HMI interface on the unit may occasionally become unresponsive due to undetermined causes. This issue will not affect the safety or functionality of the unit nor damage any user parts under test. The problem lies only in the HMI and is likely due to a software bug.


A simple power cycle of the unit will reset the HMI and fix the issue. 

Next Steps:

Meanwhile, LACO is committed to supporting our customers and is currently testing several potential solutions. When a permanent fix has been identified, all owners of TITAN VERSA leak detectors will be notified and provided with firmware updates and simple instructions on how to install them onto the instrument, free of charge. Watch the instructional video HERE.


Click on the file link below to update your TITAN VERSA to the latest firmware. 

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