Helium Bombing Systems

Helium Bombing Systems

Small sealed electronic and other hermetically sealed devices often require fine leak testing to ensure seal integrity. Product performance often requires leak rate sensitivity in the range of 10-5 to 10-8 atmcc/sec which demands helium leak testing to be used. Helium must be introduced into the part in order to perform the leak test. This can be done during the assembly process or after assembly by a technique known as helium bombing. A bombing chamber can be used to inject helium into small, sealed devices in preparation for helium leak testing. The bombing method is commonly used when it is impractical to inject the helium tracer gas into the part during assembly.

Helium Bombing Systems from LACO are ideal for manufacturers of small sealed electronics and other hermetically sealed devices which must be bombed with helium prior to leak testing. Stations are designed for either manual or fully automated PLC operation using LACO’s ATLAS Leak Test Process Controller. Automated stations can be programmed to the bombing parameters required for hermeticity testing of microelectronic device seals per Mil-Std-883J, Method 1014.14.

For a complete leak test system, add on our TITAN VERSA Helium Leak Detector, and a leak test vacuum chamber.