Helium Bombing Chambers

Helium Bombing Chambers

LACO offers five standard leak test Helium Bombing Chambers used for the leak testing of sealed objects. Our standard bombing chambers are also used for manual or fully automated leak test bombing stations that  include all the components you’ll need for a complete turnkey system. Combined with our leak detector inlet vacuum chambers and TITAN VERSA Helium Leak Detector, LACO can offer a comprehensive leak test solution.


We offer five standard bombing chambers that can be easily customized to meet the needs of your application. Our applications engineers can also design manual or fully automated leak test bombing systems that include all the components you’ll need for a complete turnkey system.

Turnkey helium bombing stations designed for either manual or fully automated PLC operation feature:

  • Helium bombing chamber
  • Gas manifold (valves, regulator, pressure transducer)
  • Dry vacuum pump
  • Base or cart mounted
  • Helium Charge System (LACO Automated PLC)


Standard leak test bombing chambers feature stainless steel construction and clamped lid. Designed for connecting to a regulated helium source for bombing, chambers include:

  • Helium connection
  • Vent port and valve
  • Vacuum connection
  • Vacuum gauge


The bombing method is used to leak test sealed objects that cannot be connected directly to a leak detector. The part is placed in a chamber containing pressurized helium, allowing the helium to penetrate the part. The part is then tested in a vacuum chamber connected to the leak detector. Important considerations include pressurization time, helium bombing pressure, internal volume and leak size.

  • Electronics
  • Hermetically sealed devices