LACO Technology Calibration Lab Pricing Update

Hello Valued Customer,

After maintaining our calibration services pricing steady for seven years, we are announcing a new pricing scheme that will go into effect March 21, 2022.
The table below provides an overview of the new pricing for Leak Calibration.

Leak Calibration Price Changes:

Standard calibration without adjustments$285
Standard calibration with adjustments$315
Additional points$65 each
Precision tolerance calibrations which are ±10% of nominal$415
High tolerance calibrations which are ±2% of nominal$615
Primary rate of rise calibrations$500


Gauge Calibration Price Changes:

Type of GaugeCost
Medium Vacuum Gauges$285
Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges$375
High Vacuum Gauges$475
High Precision Vacuum Gauges$550
Combo Vacuum Gauges$750

We appreciate and value your business and look forward to a continued partnership.  Please reach out to Brian Cruz with any questions or concerns you may have.